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Fruit Smoothie

4 Mar

I’m leaving town for the weekend, so it was time to clean out the fridge.

Found: pineapple slices, frozen raspberries, strawberry yogurt

So, I made a smoothie! I simply placed several pieces of all the fruit and yogurt into my little blender. Top off with some milk and you’re golden!

I was unsure about the pineapple/raspberry combo at first, but it tasted great! Plus, it was extra healthy because I used organic, non-fat yogurt and soymilk. Next time, I might add some bananas too.

This will counter my recent brownies right?


What’s a Jenbug?

7 Feb

Thanks for visiting my brand new blog!

So Jenbug is a cute little nickname my boyfriend gave me from when we first started dating. Funny thing is, I didn’t even realize he was calling me this until about 4 years in…oops!

I figured I’d venture into the blog world and have a place to organize and share my favorite recipes, restaurants, and sciency goodness.

I hope you’ll enjoy!